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   What gives rise to repeating movements toward a new State in the Union? What keeps alive an ideological independence shared by so many dedicated persons? What is this vision of forming a new identity for the northern-most parts of California and the southern-most parts of Oregon?

   There exists an ever present dissatisfaction with far-away State governments. They never seem to acknowledge the needs of the people inhabiting the most rugged and wild environments of both of these states. The historical state seal features two Xs expressing the feeling of being "double crossed". Although a new Statehood is only a remote possibility, these populations still feel the need for better representation.
   The favored solution is to create stronger local governments, whereby rural communities can address their issues more effectively.
  In the present day, many supporters are economically motivated and see the movement as a way to attract more commerce to the area. The State of Jefferson identity is often used as a reminder to 'shop locally' and help rural economies grow.

History of the State of Jefferson


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